Heading from Richmond VA > New Haven CT on the bus. 

First bunch of shows getting acclamated to this new music has been eye opening. The entire experience working with Mike, Band, and Crew is like whoa. Musically Id say we've hit some new high points that were not previously in reach. Yay! Thats what its all about. This band in particular without really trying creates giant swaths of music that are really interesting and completely unexpected. They could have  an incredible arc, or jolt you into the next song. Its a daring musical environment that you end up having to have big ears and learn to participate based not on the previous night (or any other night) but right there in the moment. So we are lining up moments and putting it all out there. The OGOGO record is a challenging batch of tunes to play live. Ive really out done myself with some of the beats that were intended as outros are now full on improvisatory sections! My body hurts! Im pushing into new terretory and that is something that is not really supposed to be all that comfortable. Soo that was night 1,2. Completely racked with nerves but none-the-less great shows. 

Night 3 proved alittle easier for me to find my pace. I was able to not feel like leaning over into the kit as much, which I tend to do and is a horrible posture to keep within a 90 min set. Mike and I locked into some pretty sweet spots and were reading minds a bit. "oh a triplet there?" how bout here" -- oh you wanna roll into another song?'' 1,2,3. yeah the whole thing felt great. For anyone who cares this band is really poppin' on night 3, atleast in my opinion. 

Happy to be out here finding a stride with my heroes. Its not everyday. Its not what you'd expect and its 100% different every night. I cant believe it. ok.